Mixed ability groups and everyone plays a final:
1,3,5,7,9,11: KK, Shinrone, Lus-Drum, Kinnitty, Naomh Brid, Belmont.
2,4,6,8,10: Tullamore, Birr, St. Cillian’s, St. Sinchill’s, St. RynaghsCompetition Rule: Unlimited subs.

Round 1: 10th August
Kilcormac Killoughey 10.13 v Kinnitty 0.3
Shinrone 0.2 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 7.9
Naomh Brid 3.5 v Belmont 0.4
Tullamore 5.6 v St. Sinchill’s 2.6
Birr v St. Cillian’s WO
St. Rynagh’s a bye 

Round 2: 24th August
Lusmagh Drumcullen 1.3 v Kilcormac Killoughey 3.7
Kinnitty 2.7 v Naomh Brid 1.5
Belmont 1.1 v Shinrone 7.24
St. Cillian’s 2.6 v Tullamore 5.6
St. Sinchill’s 6.10 v St. Rynaghs 2.5
Birr a bye 

Round 3: 7th September
Naomh Brid 0.3 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 5.12
Kilcormac Killoughey 9.4 v Shinrone 3.9
Kinnitty 3.11 v Belmont 0.7
St. Rynagh’s 7.6 v St. Cillian’s 11.6
Tullamore WO v Birr
St. Sinchill’s a bye 

Round 4: 2nd October
Shinrone 1.8(11) v Naomh Brid 3.1 (10)
Lusmagh Drumcullen 4.13 v Kinnitty 3.3
Belmont 1.2 v Kilcormac Killoughey 6.6
Birr v St. Rynagh’s WO
St. Cillian’s 9.7 v St. Sinchill’s 1.3
Tullamore a bye 

Round 5: 16th October
Kinnitty 4.6 v Shinrone 6.12
Naomh Brid v Kilcormac Killoughey
Lusmagh Drumcullen 5.1 v Belmont 2.3
St. Sinchill’s WO v Birr
St. Rynaghs 1.6 v Tullamore 9.9
St. Cillian’s a bye

Group 1PWDLPts
Lus Drum54018
Shinrone 53026
Naomh Brid 41032
Belmont 50050
Group 2PWDLPts
St. Cillian’s 43016
St. Sinchill’s 42024
St. Rynagh’s 41032

Finals on or before 29th October: Can be played on 22nd/23rd if it doesn’t clash with teams in minor finals.  Clubs can work together to get these played before or even during haloween if it suits.

1st team named has home venue. Draw for venue was held in the county arms on 2nd of October 
U15A1 Tullamore 1.6 v Kilcormac Killoughey 4.6
U15A2 Lusmagh Drumcullen 2.1 v St. Cillian’s 2.5
U15A3 Shinrone 5.15 v St. Sinchill’s 3.2
U15B1 Kinnitty 2.7 v St. Rynagh’s 2.5
U15B2 Naomh Brid 3.3 v Belmont 1.5