Grading: A: Kinnitty, Shinrone, Lusmagh-Drumcullen, St. Cillian’s, Birr, Tullamore.

B: Kilcormac-Killoughey, Edenderry, Belmont, St. Sinchill’s, St. Rynagh’s, Naomh Brid.

A & B groups of 6. Multiple finals within groups 1v2; 3v4; 5 v 6

A and B groups were chosen because we have 2 new clubs participating this year.

There is a National Policy Document for U12s & U13s published soon.      

15-a-side, full pitch unless both teams agree to reduce it (narrower or shorter)· 

Minimum width 80m. Minimum length: 13m line to 13m line. All Puck-outs from the 20m line on full length pitch. 25 mins a half. Unlimited subs.  

Round 1: 17th August

Shinrone 10.6 v Kinnitty 4.6

Lusmagh Drumcullen 0.1 v Tullamore 4.1

St. Cillian’s 7.5 v Birr 1.2

Edenderry v Kilcormac Killoughey WO

Belmont 4.4 v Naomh Brid 3.1

St. Sinchill’s 4.4 v St. Rynaghs 2.2

Round 2: 31st August

St. Cillian’s 7.6 v Kinnitty 1.3

Birr 5.4 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 2.3

Tullamore 1.2 v Shinrone 3.2

St. Sinchill’s 2.3 v Kilcormac Killoughey 3.0

St. Rynaghs 0.6 v Belmont 0.1

Naomh Brid WO v Edenderry 

Round 3: 11th Sept

Tullamore 3.1 v St. Cillian’s 8.4

Shinrone 2.0 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 3.5

Kinnitty 3.4 v Birr 5.2

Naomh Brid 5.6 v St. Sinchill’s 3.1

Edenderry 6.3 v Belmont 3.2

Kilcormac-Killoughey 2.1 v St. Rynaghs 2.03

Round 4: 18th Sept

Lusmagh Drumcullen 0.0 v St. Cillian’s 9.11

Tullamore 6.6 v Kinnitty 1.2

Shinrone 1.2 v Birr 6.7

Belmont 12.4 v St. Sinchill’s 2.0

Naomh Brid 0.1 v Kilcormac Killoughey 1.5

Edenderry 1.1 v St. Rynagh’s 3.2

Round 5: 25th Sept

Birr 0.2 v Tullamore 5.4

Kinnitty 1.6 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 4.4

St. Cillian’s 11.7 v Shinrone 0.0

St. Rynagh’s 5.4(19) v Naomh Brid 6.1(19)

Kilcormac Killoughey 0.3 v Belmont 4.0

St. Sinchill’s 2.1 v Edenderry 6.0

St. Cillian’s 550010
Tullamore 53028
Lus Drum52034
Kinnitty 50050
St. Rynagh’s 53117
Kil Kil52125
Naomh Brid 52125
Edenderry 52034
St. Sinchill’s 51133

Finals: Everyone plays a final. 

Sat/Sun 8th / 9th Oct1v2, 3v4 5v6
1st team named has home venue. Draw for venue was held in the county arms on 2nd of October 
U13A: St. Cillian’s v Tullamore
U13A Shield: Birr v Lus Drum
U13A Plate: Shinrone v Kinnitty
U13B: St. Rynagh’s v Belmont
U13B Shield: Naomh Brid v Kilcormac Killoughey
U13B Plate: St. Sinchill’s v Edenderry