O’Meara Sliotars U16 CHAMPIONSHIP
Play the U16 club championship alongside the intercounty fixtures on a set day. The U16 management has agreed to games being played on a Wednesday or Thursday. If clubs agree to play on any other day, they can do so without county players. This way, the county U16 management know that everyone is playing a match, and it will allow them to drop a training session. They will be playing matches or training every weekend and training on Mondays. Clubs will have to work their training around county training and agree to manage the player’s training load. If the host club can’t get a pitch on a Wednesday or Thursday, the other team hosts. No exceptions. If you play with county player on any other day the THDC will be informed of the club fielding an illegal player. If you withdraw your players from the county panel because of a club competition in the intercounty window a motion to disqualify your club will be put to a county board meeting.

  • 5 group games followed by a semi-final for everyone, A, B & C.
  • A semi-finals: Top 4 teams in group 1
  • B semi-finals: Bottom 2 teams in group 1 and top 2 teams in group 2
  • C semi-finals: Bottom 4 teams in group 2
  • If you concede a walkover you cannot progress to the knockout stages as per national rules.

Graded from the 2021 U14:

U16 Group 1U16 Group 2
1Kilcormac Killoughey1St. Sinchill’s
3Shinrone3St. Rynagh’s
4Birr4Naomh Brid
5Lusmagh Drumcullen5Belmont
6St. Cillian’s

Round 1, Wednesday 29th or Thursday 30th March

Tullamore 0.3 v Kilcormac Killoughey 4.6(18)
Shinrone 3.7(16) v St. Cillian’s 6.9 (27)
Birr 0.8 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 8.12
Kinnitty 2.11(17) v St. Sinchill’s 2.4(10)
St. Rynagh’s a bye
Naomh Brid 2.4(10)v Belmont 2.7(13)

Round 2, Wednesday 12th or Thursday 13th April

Shinrone 3.11 v Birr 0.4
St. Cillian’s 0.8 v Kilcormac Killoughey 3.10
Tullamore 4.10 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 3.6
St. Rynagh’s 2.6 v Naomh Brid 2.2
St Sinchill’s a bye
Kinnitty 4.10 v Belmont 0.2

Round 3, Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th April

St. Cillian’s 6.13 v Birr 0.8
Tullamore 4.11 v Shinrone 2.11
Kilcormac Killoughey 6.9 v Lusmagh Drumcullen 2.6
Naomh Brid a bye
Kinnitty 1.9 v St. Rynagh’s 1.8
St. Sinchill’s 7.7 v Belmont 2.1

Round 4, Wednesday 10th or Thursday 11th May

Birr 3.9 v Kilcormac Killoughey 9.10
Lusmagh Drumcullen 1.2 v Shinrone 2.10
St. Cillians 3.6 v Tullamore 3.7
Naomh Brid 3.3 v St. Sinchill’s 1.3
Belmont 0.0 v St. Rynaghs 8.11
Kinnitty a bye

Round 5, Wednesday 24th or Thursday 25th May

Lusmagh Drumcullen v St. Cillian’s
Kilcormac Killoughey 5.10 v Shinrone 2.9
Birr 1.4 v Tullamore 3.14
Belmont a bye
St Sinchill’s 5.10 v St Rynagh’s 7.9
Naomh Brid 2.7 v Kinnitty 3.4

Semi Finals: Wednesday 5th or Thursday 6th July

A Semi-Finals: 1st Group 1 v 4th Group 1 and 2nd Group 1 v 3rd Group 1
B Semi-Finals: 5th Group 1 v 2nd Group 2 and 6th Group 1 v 1st Group 2
C Semi-Final: 4th Group 2 v 5th Group 2

C Final: 3rd Group 2 v semi final winner

Finals: A B C: 22nd or 23rd July Depending on the progress of the county team

Kilcormac Killoughey500510
Tullamore 51048
St Cillians 42024
Shinrone 53024
Lusmagh Drumcullen 43012

St. Rynagh’s 41036
Naomh Brid42113
Belmont 43012

A Semi-Finals:

Kilcormac Killoughey v 4th Group 1

Tullamore v 3rd Group 1
B Semi-Finals:

5th Group 1 v St Rynaghs

Birr v Kinnitty
C Semi-Final:

St. Sinchill’s v Belmont

C Final

Naomh Brid v winner of C Semi-Final


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