U13 League

  • As per Camogie Association U12/U13 Progression policy
  • Developmental ethos with unlimited subs.
  • Graded from the 2022 U12 mini league.
  • 5 group games followed by a semi-final for everyone.
  • Proposed change from everyone gets to a final to semi-finals and finals.
RankU13 Group 1RankU13 Group 2
1Birr1St. Rynagh’s
2Lusmagh Drumcullen2Tullamore
4St. Sinchill’s4St. Cillian’s
5Naomh Brid5Edenderry
6Belmont6Kilcormac Killoughey
  • A semi-finals: Top 4 teams in group 1. B semi-finals: Bottom 2 teams in group 1 and top 2 teams in group 2. C semi-finals: Bottom 4 teams in group 2
  • 15-a-side, full pitch default unless both teams agree to reduce it.
  • Minimum width 80m. Minimum length: 13m line to 13m line
  • All Puck-outs from the 20m line.
  • 25 mins a half.
  • Referees will be appointed by the Fixtures Committee. Fixtures must be agreed and confirmed at least 3 days in advance.
  • If you concede a walkover you cannot progress to the knockout stages as per national rules.

Round 1: On or before Thursday 13th July

Lusmagh Drumcullen v Birr
Kinnitty v Belmont
St. Sinchill’s v Naomh Brid
Tullamore v St. Rynaghs
Shinrone v Kilcormac Killoughey
St. Cillian’s v Edenderry

Round 2: On or before Thursday 27th July

Kinnitty v St. Sinchill’s
Belmont v Birr
Lusmagh Drumcullen v Naomh Brid
Shinrone v St. Cillian’s
Kilcormac Killoughey v St. Rynagh’s
Tullamore v Edenderry

Round 3: On or before Thursday 8th August

Belmont v St. Sinchill’s
Lusmagh Drumcullen v Kinnitty
Birr v Naomh Brid
Kilcormac-Killoughey v St. Cillian’s
Tullamore v Shinrone
St. Rynaghs v Edenderry

Round 4: On or before Thursday 24th August

St. Sinchill’s v Birr
Kinnitty v Naomh Brid
Belmont v Lusmagh Drumcullen
St. Cillian’s v St. Rynagh’s
Edenderry v Shinrone
Kilcormac Killoughey v Tullamore

Round 5: On or before Thursday 7th September

Naomh Brid v Belmont
Birr v Kinnitty
St. Sinchill’s v Lusmagh Drumcullen
Edenderry v Kilcormac Killoughey
St. Rynagh’s v Shinrone
St. Cillian’s v Tullamore

Semi Finals: On or before Thursday 21st September

A Semi-Finals: 1st Group 1 v 4th Group 1 and 2nd Group 1 v 3rd Group 1
B Semi-Finals: 5th Group 1 v 2nd Group 2 and 6th Group 1 v 1st Group 2
C Semi-Finals: 3rd Group 2 v 6th Group 2 and 4th Group 2 v 5th Group 2
Finals: A B C: Sunday 15th October (Unless otherwise notified)
(This may be a triple header)