Teams: Lusmagh Drumcullen, Shinrone, Kinnitty, Tullamore, Kilcormac Killoughey

Competition Rules:

  1. Clubs with 2nd teams must name their top 10 players who are excluded.
  2. Any team that concedes a walk over cannot progress to the knockout stages of this competition.
  3. For Junior, the default is 13-a-side, but if both teams have 14 or 15, you play 14 or 15 a side. One team cannot field 14 or 15 against a lower number, except where a player is sent off. If a team has no subs and a player goes off injured, both teams should have the same number of players a-side unless a player is sent off. You cannot play with less than 15 a side if both teams have subs.
  4. Knock-out stages must be 15-a-side.
  5. County U16 panel members are not eligible until after they exit the U16 All-Ireland.
  6. Winner is promoted unless their 1st team is already intermediate.
  7. Cup Games default day is Wednesdays to allow for camogie and LGFA senior to play on weekends to allow for adequate recovery.

Round 1: Wednesday 5th July
Lusmagh Drumcullen v Tullamore; Shinrone v Kinnitty; Kilcormac Killoughey a bye

Round 2: Wednesday 12th July
Kinnitty v Lusmagh Drumcullen; Tullamore v Kilcormac Killoughey; Shinrone a bye

Round 3: Wednesday 19th July
Kilcormac Killoughey v Kinnitty; Lusmagh Drumcullen v Shinrone; Tullamore a bye

Round 4: Wednesday 2nd August
Shinrone v Kilcormac Killoughey; Kinnitty v Tullamore; Lusmagh Drumcullen a bye

Round 5: Wednesday 16th August
Tullamore v Shinrone; Kilcormac Killoughey v Lusmagh Drumcullen; Kinnitty a bye

Junior Cup Semi Finals: 30th August
Junior Cup Final: 16th or 17th of September (double header with Junior intermediate if its 4 different clubs)