Hynes School of Motoring U18 CHAMPIONSHIP – Mixed Ability Groups

  • A semi-finals: Top 2 in each group
  • B semi-finals: next 2 in each group
  • C final: bottom team in each group
  • Mixed ability groups allows the competition to determine the level of teams.
  • Everyone gets a chance to be in A B or C
  • Guaranteed 5 games.
  • Why mixed ability at minor: Because there was very little between the top 8 teams when these teams were u16 in 2021.
  • Minor games are on Wednesdays to allow for adequate recover after and before weekend adult games.

Round 1: On or before Wednesday 26th July

Shinrone v Birr
St. St. Rynagh’s v Lusmagh Drumcullen
Tullamore a bye
St. Sinchill’s v Kinnitty-Naomh Brid
Kilcormac Killoughey v St. Cillian’s
Belmont a bye

Round 2: On or before Wednesday 9th August

Lusmagh Drumcullen v Shinrone
Birr v Tullamore
St. Rynagh’s a bye
St. Cillian’s v St. Sinchill’s
Kinnitty-Naomh Brid v Belmont
Kilcormac Killoughey a bye

Round 3: On or before Wednesday 23rd August

Tullamore v Lusmagh Drumcullen
Shinrone v St. Rynagh’s
Birr a bye
Belmont v St. Cillians
St. Sinchill’s v Kilcormac Killoughey
Kinnitty -Naomh Brid a bye

Round 4: On or before Wednesday 6th September

St. Rynaghs v Tullamore
Lusmagh Drumcullen v Birr
Shinrone a bye
Kilcormac Killoughey v Belmont
St. Cillian’s v Kinnitty-Naomh Brid
St. Sinchill’s a bye

Round 5: On or before Saturday 30th September

Birr v St. Rynagh’s
Tullamore v Shinrone
Lusmagh Drumcullen a bye
Kinnitty-Naomh Brid v Kilcormac Killoughey
Belmont v St. Sinchill’s
St Cillians a bye

A Semi Finals 14th or 15th Oct
SF A1: Team 1 Group 1 v Team 2 Group 2
SF A2: Team 1 Group 2 v Team 2 Group 1

B Semi Finals 14th or 15th Oct
SF B1: Team 3 Group 1 v Team 4 Group 2
SF B2: Team 3 Group 2 v Team 4 Group 1