Teams: St. Cillian’s, Kinnitty, Lusmagh Drumcullen, St Rynagh’s, Birr

Competition Rules:

  1. Clubs with 2nd teams must name their top 10 players who are excluded.
  2. Any team that concedes a walk over cannot progress to the knockout stages of this competition and cannot participate in the Intermediate Championship. If a team concedes a walkover, points will be awarded to the opposition and points deducted from them in line with national rules.
  3. County U16s are not eligible until after they exit the U16 All-Ireland.
  4. 15-a-side
  5. Winner is promoted unless their 1st team is already Senior.
  6. Cup Games default day is Friday to allow intermediate clubs with 2nd teams in the Junior cup to play both games that week, while LGFA senior to play on weekends. If neither club clashes with football, then you can play at the weekends.

Round 1: Friday 7th July
St Cillians v St Rynaghs; Kinnitty v Lusmagh Drumcullen; Birr a bye

Round 2: Friday 14th July
Lusmagh Drumcullen v St Cillians; St Rynaghs v Birr; Kinnitty a bye

Round 3: Friday 21st July
Birr v Lusmagh Drumcullen; St Cillians v Kinnitty; St Rynaghs a bye

Round 4: Friday 4th August
Kinnitty v Birr; Lusmagh Drumcullen v St Rynaghs; St Cillians a bye

Round 5: Friday 18th August
St Rynaghs v Kinnitty; Birr v St Cillians; Lusmagh Drumcullen a bye

Intermediate Cup Semi Finals: 1st September
Intermediate Cup Final: 16th or 17th of September (double header with Junior final if its 4 different clubs)

HQ PHYSIO INTERMEDIATE CHAMPIONSHIP – KNOCKOUT COMPETITION for intermediate clubs that have 15 eligible players.

Specific Competition Rules for the Intermediate Championship:

  1. Players who receive any game time in the senior championship are graded senior thereafter and excluded.
  2. Each club to confirm if they can field an eligible championship team before the start of the intermediate championship. This competition may be a straight final between Kinnitty and Lusmagh Drumcullen if none of the clubs with 2nd teams can field 15 players.
  3. Referee Reports with Sub Slips and team sheets will be submitted to the fixtures committee after each senior and intermediate championship match.

Semi Finals: Weekend of 23rd 24th Sept (draw to be done if 2nd teams qualify). 1st teams seeded into semi-finals.

Semi Final 1: Lusmagh Drumcullen v

Semi Final 2: Kinnitty v

Final: Weekend of 7th / 8th Oct.

Final: Winner is promoted. Best placed eligible club qualifies to represent Offaly in Leinster.