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Division 1Division 2Division 3
St. Rynagh’s St. Sinchill’sKilcormac Killoughey
BirrShinroneSt. Cillian’s
TullamoreLusmagh DrumcullenKinnitty

Offaly was allocated 3 divisions for feile. We have had to change the format to 3 separate divisions based on 2020 seeding because of limited availability of venues and referees. Results to be sent to Cormac or the county board official on site after every match.

Feile Results
Div 1
Rynaghs 0.3 v Tullamore 0.2
Tullamore 1.3 v Birr 0.0
Rynaghs 3.3 v Birr 0.1
Tullamore 0.5 v Rynaghs 1.1

Div 2
Lus Drum 5.3 v Sinchills 0.3
Shinrone 1.5 v Lus Drum 0.5
Sinchill’s 2.3 v Shinrone 4.3
Lus Drum 4.4 v Shinrone 0.2

Div 3
KK 2.5 v Kinnitty 1.2
Cillians 1.2 v Kinnitty 0.3
Cillians 3.3 v KK 2.3

Feile Division 1.
Venue: Kilcormac
2pm: St. Rynaghs v Tullamore. 13 mins a half. Referee Joan Poland
2.45pm: Tullamore v Birr. 13 mins a half. Referee Joan Poland
3.30pm: Birr v St. Rynagh’s. 13 mins a half. Referee Joan Poland
4.25pm: Final. Top 2 teams. 15 mins a half. Referee Noel Flynn

Feile Division 2.
Venue: Kinnitty GAA, Bottom Pitch
2pm: St. Sinchill’s v Lusmagh Drumcullen. 13 mins a half. Referee Declan Cooke
2.45pm: Lusmagh Drumcullen v Shinrone. 13 mins a half. Referee Declan Cooke
3.30pm: Shinrone v St. Sinchill’s. 13 mins a half. Referee Declan Cooke
4.25pm: Final. Top 2 teams. 15 mins a half. Referee Declan Cooke

Feile Division 3
Venue: Kinnitty GAA, Top Pitch
2pm: Kilcormac Killoughey v Kinnitty. 13 mins a half. Referee John Sampson
2.45pm: Kinnitty v St. Cillian’s. 13 mins a half. Referee John Sampson
3.30pm: St. Cillian’s v Kilcormac Killoughey. 13 mins a half. Referee Noel Cooney
4.25pm: Final. Top 2 teams. 15 mins a half. Referee Noel Cooney

Note: If after 2 rounds, the final pairings are known to be the 2 teams in round 3, the two clubs shall play round 3 as the final. If both teams agree to make it 20 mins a half, that is fine, subject to the referee agreeing and the final being over by 5pm. If the final is the 4th game, it must be no more than 15 mins a half.

A win is worth 3 points and a draw is worth 1 point. If two teams are level on points, the head to head result between those two teams determines the higher place. If that game was a draw, then score difference in all round robin games will be applied. If its still a tie after score difference is applied, then the team with the highest score will be top. If teams are still not separated, then a coin toss will determine who goes to the final.

Extra-time to determine outcome of the finals (National Fixtures format)

  1. If the game finishes in a draw, 2 periods of 5 mins extra-time will apply.
  2.  If the game is still a draw a further 2 periods of 5 mins extra-time will apply.  
  3. If the game remains a draw, the following Frees competition from the 45 meter line, to decide the outcome:
    1. The relevant rules in T.O. Part 2 playing rules shall apply in relation to frees.
    2. Frees will be taken for points only.
    3. The Referee shall choose the end at which the frees will be taken. The end may be changed by the referee if it becomes unplayable during the course of the Frees.
    4. The Referee will ensure two goal umpires are in place at the end in which the frees are to be take.
      1.  Both umpires shall position themselves on the end line at opposite side of the goals facing inwards.  If a free is scored, the goal umpire, will wave the white flag once the referee has signalled.
      2.  If the free is missed the point umpire will signal a wide once the referee has signalled.

• Each team shall register five free takers and indicate to the referee in which order the free takers will take their free.
Free takers must be listed on the team sheet. Any player who receives a red card during the course of the game will be excluded from free taking.

• The Referee shall toss a coin in the presence of the two captains to see which team will have the option of going first.

• Subject to the conditions below both teams will take five frees which are taken alternately by the teams. The game is awarded to whichever team scores more of their five frees.

  • If, before both teams have taken five frees, one team has scored more frees that the other team could score, even if they were to complete their five frees, no more  frees shall be taken

·        If, after both teams have taken five frees and both teams have scored the same number of frees, the free competition will continue but in sudden death format using the same five registered players until one team has scored a free more than the other from the same number of frees.

·        In sudden death, the same sequence of frees takers does not have to be followed as in the first round of frees.

•      Each free is taken by a different player.  All registered players must take a free before any player can take an additional free.

•      The referee shall signal for the free to be taken. The free is completed when the ball stops moving, goes out of play (including over the crossbar) or a free is scored.

•       Only the players involved in the free taking competition, as well as the Referee, Linesmen and Umpires are permitted on the pitch.  With the registered free takers located behind the 45m.

•       All other players, managers, officials, backroom personnel etc. should be at their designated sideline area, and off the field of play when the free-taking competition is taking place.