Intermediate Cup

Round 1: Monday 8th August
Shinrone 0.7 v St. Sinchill’s 5.12 ; St. Cillian’s 2.10 v St. Rynagh’s 1.7, Kinnitty a bye

Round 2: Saturday 13th August
Shinrone v St. Cillian’s WO; Kinnitty 2.10 v St. Rynagh’s 1.10; St. Sinchill’s a bye

Round 3: Monday 22nd August
St. Sinchill’s 4.12 v St. Cillian’s 4.12; Kinnitty 1.27 v Shinrone 1.6 ; St. Rynagh’s a bye

Round 4: Saturday 27th August
St. Rynagh’s WO v Shinrone; St. Sinchill’s 3.12 v Kinnitty 2.15; St. Cillian’s a bye

Round 5: Monday 5th September
St. Rynagh’s 0.6 v St. Sinchill’s 3.13

St. Cillian’s 0.16 v Kinnitty 1.8,

Shinrone a bye

Team PWLDPts
St. Cillian’s 43017
St. Sinchill’s 42026
Kinnitty 42115
St. Rynagh’s 41202
Shinrone 40400

Semi Finals Saturday 10th September
Semi Finals: Team 1 v Team 4 Team 2 v Team 3

St. Cillian’s 2.10 v St. Rynagh’s 2.4

St. Sinchill’s 2.18 v Kinnitty 2.15
5th placed team is relegated.

Cup Final Sat 24th Sept

St. Sinchill’s 2.13(19) v St. Cillian’s 4.6(18)

Intermediate Championship

For any Intermediate Teams that still have 15 or more eligible Intermediate grade players who didn’t play senior.

St Sinchills, Kinnitty, St Rynaghs, St. Cillian’s

Semi Finals: 1st October

Semi Final 1:

Semi Final 2:

Final: Weekend of 15th / 16th October

St. Sinchill’s 2.9 v Kinnitty 1.9

Winner progresses to represent Offaly in the Leinster Club Junior Championship.